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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Great Hebrew Lessons and Music by Erez Levanon and Moshe Segir

Erez is the Breslever that was stabbed 16 times by Arabs in Bat Ayn. He is mentionned in lesson 38/7 LM "Erez Levanon fell instead of us"..."16 horns of light" ..."Bat Ayn" He died on the 7th of Adar.

All this being said, there are CD's available where he gives HIS lessons and music based on different lessons in Likutey Moharan. Anyone that loves their own neshama and wants to learn good Hebrew should listen to these CDs. Call 054 7636072 to order. Try one and get hooked too.

Erez was not only a great Mafits he was a top level Tzaddik and a hidden Na Nach (but it comes out in some of his songs like he REALLY MEANS IT)


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