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Monday, December 20, 2010

"And Adam (Mashiach) Got No Help!"

I just read this gem in our friend's webpage:

As the Zohar teaches us – everyone is against or afraid of the idea of there having to be a tzaddik. HaTzaddik, "THE" Tzaddik, HaDor - namely the Tzaddik of "THIS" generation. The Holy Zohar teaches (Zohar I, 28a): "Woe to the world for they do not provide help for the Shechina (Divine Presence) during the exile, or for Moshe (i.e. the Tzaddik), who is always with Her and never moves from Her... Moshe did not die. He is called Adam. Of Adam it is written (Bereishit 2:20), 'And Adam had no helpmate'. This applies to the last exile: Adam – the Tzaddik – has no helpmate. Everyone is against the Tzaddik".

May we all sincerely and wholeheartedly turn to Hashem in prayer and seek out, support and reveal the Shechina hidden within the exile along with Her helpmate 'HaTZaDDiK HaDoR' Amen.

Reb Nosson of Breslev wrote, “and the Tzadik HaEmet this is Rebbenu Nachman ben Simcha ben Feiga. The Tzaddik is gadol v'yoteir efilu more so than the kohen gadol who is the one who is in front and inside. Like it is brought in Sotah perek chaf daled 24 ‘lefney and bifnim penimi, me li? Who is this, who is in front and inside? me he? penimim? Who is this inside? He is more precious than the kohen gadol because he can repair averot that Yom Kippur can not fix.’ It says in tractate Yoma, ‘the sins between man and Hashem are repaired on Yom Kippur.’ The Tzaddik HaEmet can repair sins between man and his fellow. This is higher than the kodesh hakodeshim! Gevalt!”


The villager said...

Hazak. Hannukka Nach (Ner CHannukka) Tikkun a Bris Mila yom ha SHMO Na.

History is nice but the news is happening now.

We must think only positive thoughts and go out and do Hafatsa. Who cares if they are against Moses only two out of the
3 000 000 Hebrews made it into Israel after they were very old. The women didn't protest back then, today they do so you can double the number to 6 000 000.

Maybe the Tzaddik regrets being the catalyst for so many deaths. How does Nissim suggest to deal with this issue in a "humanitarian" way?

nissim said...

chazaq w'ematz vllager
i propose being happy! and learning tik. zohar (148 dafs) front to back until you make a siyum.

The villager said...

They died because they didn't want to go to Israel-- so it's enough to be an Am Haaretz (in Israel)to avoid that death.