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Friday, December 17, 2010


This is the prayer after going to the bathroom, nu. It reveals something amazing though. If not for the blood vessels etc. we could not stand before the Lord - also before his holy throne (his eyes alwayse on Israel).

In the next world, the world of truth we believe we will be closer to Go-d. NOT SO.
It is in this world with this body in this land with it's trees and houses that we stand before him! Up there we don't need the veins arteries etc... so the prayer applies to here. He surrounds himself up there ONLY with those he selects. A rabbi told me that here he is "right in front of your face" not on the holy throne. DEAD WRONG you mini-meforsam! He isn't "in front of your face" when you say acher yotser- that is when you need to use the shovel because even though he is in the camp you must avoid him. Dream on pal, well, you ARE really suffering already, better to do tchouva though, then you will cease to suffer here and there. Try to remember that I am not your ennemy although I may be the bait being used to trap you (against my own will of course). He won't leave the camp because of you because Rabbenu is keeping him here with Na Nach, in fact he is having such a good time, he can't leave us an instant!

Rabbi Natan did his thing and got Rabbi Nachman's books printed, starting the Breslev Hafatsa. May we make as good a use of our passage in Olam Ha Zeh. Let's aspire to more though...

Moshe Rabbenu wanted to stay in this world...he was doing really well here and who knows what would come after... Josef lived 110 (ayn kemach ayn torah) no Josef no Moses the 10 year difference is like the 10 tippotes on the finger tips. Rabbi Nachman dies at 37 and says I finished and I will finish, he knew exactly what was happening next and didn't doubt that he would be CLOSER to G-od on a permanent basis with the power to act. Saba beats Moses hands down! In Saba's fight with Amalek he doesn't need to lower his hands, his hands are the hands of Rabbi Nachman! 38+107=145:2= 72(.5) years or tehilim shir shel hessed. tikkun ha klalli.

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