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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who cares whether he's dead or alive, the main thing is whether or not he has 'parnassa' (a livelyhood)!

from a classic story told over by Saba printed in Saba Yisroel (available at info - Amazingly, when I sang this at Rabbi Shimon people thought that I was asking for parnassa and they blessed me to have parnassa. Shortly after someone came over and gave me a little money and someone called me up offering to buy me new Shabos clothing. So it could be that singing this song is propitous for parnassa, either way it will help you deal with the eternal problem of parnassa.

1 comment:

MC said...

I see you were careful to sing both pronunciations of "pifter" ie you alternated

"Nifter Pifter" and "Nifter Fifter"

because from the written story we cant be sure which one he actually said.

You are almost Briskish in your Na Nachness

Thank you for bringing me Simcha in past, present & Future ...


Moshe Chaim