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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To save any life it is a "rush" MITSVAH to desecrate Shabbas

What are the things one must be ready to die for rather then to desecrate?

Shedding blood (or embarassing in public)
Showing body parts
Idol worship

No wonder so many good jews are depressed, they think they are being bad for not observing shabbos, but hey, we all need to start by saving our "worthless" lives!

To save a generation like ours Superman is just not enougth even if he is from Krypton. Spreading the name of the Tzaddik (who IS shabbos) "saves" by reversing all these death sentences.

This CAN be explained, but asking Hashem during Hitbodedut is probably more convincing so put the question in your pocket, and please get out there at Hatsot, and ask!

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