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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Shekel is going from Saba to Sad Zionistic poets

The four heros of Ebay Ha Nachal on the Israeli Shekel are being replaced in one year by four sad Zionistic poets who love the drama around the land of Israel.

It's as if in one year the nation is going to be disconnected from the holiness of Rabbi Nachman. When you sell Josef, drama really begins in the land and in the world!

Sick as this may sound-- besides saying Na Nach, this is precisely the time to come to this little fleck of desert, where somehow we will still be enjoying the plenty of the country that buys more new automobiles then anyone else! I hope we are wiser.

The little fleck of desert is called Ebay Ha Nachal like the book. Both book and village are going to be segulot according to my best estimate.

Saying Na Nach of course, will keep on working.

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