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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rabbi Nachman Daily

Its good to talk to Hashem in your own words, for an hour a day, even 1 word is very holy
(Hishtapchus HaNefesh 2)


The villager said...

Just saying Na Nach Nachma Nachman is like 14 (10 in 4)

248 = 14
365 = 14

so saying Na Nach Nachma Nachman covers pretty much all the mitsvahs and the commandments!

You don't have to believe me, but I met some KGB/FSB agents that know all the laws and teach (and uh abuse) jewish children in talmud tora (notice, this is a challenge). I feel fluency in Hebrew and Law have nothing to do with being Jewish- a person is Jewish when they have a Jewish heart.

Anonymous said...

Well said...The introduction of the Zohar English version states: "A Jew - and this can include any individual who behaves in a sharing, tolerant,and sensitive manner - by definition is a person who acts in a Godly manner,with compassion for all of G-d's created beings.This not only includes a conciousness of human dignity, but also respect for all the other kingdoms:animal,vegetable, and inanimate."