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Monday, November 29, 2010

The President and Foreign Ministers are in Ukraine...

On this occasion, I was privy to a statment at the bris of Ilan Azulai's first son (child number nine) 5 year anniversary of my own son's bris which I was hidden from me and I was not allowed to attend (Hashem has a plan), that Moshe Rabbenu had only ONE mission in Egypt: GET JOSEF OUT OF THERE AND BURY HIM IN SCHEM ! Also all the power of wichcraft the Egyptians had was derived from Josef's presence there.

We complain that Moses took the "erev rav" out, but he took us out too, not just Josef.

I have never heard this before and therefore want to know from where these statments originated, and why would they be true or false?

I wonder how to inform our President, Foreign Minister and Prime Minister about the answer to these questions, because they need to know.

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