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Monday, November 8, 2010

Implication of "not looking back" or " every instant a new-born babe"

This is proof that the Tikkun Haklali is not accurate. Psalm 137 is all lamentations and looking back. The suggested alternative is 115, the happiest instead of the saddest of all psalms. I have it from a mirculous revelation that the tikkun Haklali then becomes a "segula" for humility- not tikkun ha brit (sexual blemish)- the revelation is miraculous because it is intended to remain a secret and not to cause a "machloket" (dispute).

Please analyse 115 and notice that it is an accurate description of the practice of Na Nach!


nanach oi! said...

ARE you attempting to replace Rebbe Nachman, Ch'vsh ?
I thought that spot was reserved for the mefursumim shel sheker.

The villager said...

Thanks, do you want truth or BS?

The villager said...

There is a reason for what I write. Also, I couldn't be a mefursam even if I wanted to (which I don't).

chezi said...

"There is a reason for what I write" That sounds like a tinge of 'I'm of mefursam' calibre...
It sounds a little chutpadik to me, no?

The villager said...

OK, I'm a Mefursam in your opignion. Put me on the cross or stone me, in words at least, but you won't be doing Am Israel a favor, that's your problem not mine, cause I did my best to get the truth out.

Incidentally, G-d may not bless your enterprise, did you do hitbodedut about this before you wrote such inspired words?
You know about "mida keneged mida" unjustified thoughts about others usually backfire 100%.

You didn't even bother to ask how I could back up my statement- you assumed I was an inferior being- so your words indicate that you are suffering of "gahava". I suggest you read the psalms I mentioned, precisely the cure you are looking for.

May you be "zoche" to never follow anyone but Saba himself which means getting up at hatsot every night!

"mida keneged mida" in practice:
That's how I know for example that there won't be any Hamas voting Palestinian left in "Palestine" or any Hamas sympethising Fatah. These people want the Jews thrown in the sea (on their constitution). The decree is upon their heads by their own mouths.