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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How do you know from the Petek that Rabbi Nachman is more pure then Josef?

The petek has more then one 17 sign. It says BIZ Moshiah vedkommen (notice the Beit youd zayin look like 717) there are 51 (17x3)words, 10 lines with a seven letter word in the middle, the petek is 7 by 10- three times the number 17 is written (and the word "avoda")

(Avoda is prayer. As Saba puts it tfila tfila tfila.)

Josef is 17 when he allows Potifar to withhold his wife from him and he places himself "under" an idol worshiper (he had to say give me your wife too and I will decline). Josef spends 17 years as head of the jail, but he puts himself "under" the head waiter when he asks him for a favor. Josef spends 17 years with his father and again he doesn't impose himself- but Jacob knows better then to place his hands on the head of his son who is the Tzaddik Isod Olam and cannot lower himself for this blessing even for Jacob avinou.

No man is pure like Josef that he has the ability to write the Petek, except for Rabbi Nachman. the proof is the extensive use of the number 17. Rabenu did not place himself under anybody. I also see it as natural the he would appear in three life times, like the three 17s in the life of Josef: 1) Rabbi Nachman of Breslev, 2) Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman and 3) the Moshiah.

Parrallel and opposed to the story of Potifar and Josef is the story of Mordecai and Achachveroch... Here it is not Mordecai that "lowers himself" to Achachverosh it is Esther that on the second day of Purim doesn't realize that she must place Mordecai ABOVE Achachverosh. In the first story by not requiring the wife from the husband (even to reject her) Josef makes the error that leads to his fall with the wife of Potifar. In the second story (Mordecai & Esther) Esther against her will, is in a position above the Tzaddik, but does not correct it!

No generation has experienced a Tzaddik as great as Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, or his return as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman. He is flawless, peerless, and he can make us all like him "mamash" and he will/has returned as the Moshiah to be revealed (I believe) very soon.

Saba calls the Petek the Moshiah at one point, it is also born from Rabbi Nachman. If you believe that Moshe Rabbenu is born from Josef in the Nile, then the final redeemer needs to be born from Rabbi Nachman. The final redeemer is more "pure" then the first, so is the Petek then the tablets. G-d is my witness.

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