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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Anyone who is called "Jewish" has to be happy all his life & still have hope,Because hashem is written on us.(Mishivat Nafesh 34)

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The villager said...


If you are a NaNach and the name NaNach is written on you.

For the more sofisticated:

Rabbi Nachman says a kosher fish has fins and scales, like-wise a kosher jew has a beard and payos. Well a beard, like a field has four payos... Tsafon (wealth) Darom (wisdome) and the two others representing Chessed and Din.

Today, unless you created a book by the name of Ebay ha Nachal or something similar for the Tzaddik, you run the risk at best of being in Gan Eden and not feeling anything in your heart!

I therefore suggest strongly you wear the Na Nach beanee.