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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wanted to tend to tree roots in Ebay Ha Nachal, but...

Fanny Bluefox the wife of Joshafat has asked me to invite Na Nach followers to her sons' mar mitsvah ceremony at the Kotel (western wall) at 9:00 on Thursday morning.

It's an easy way to give encouragement to the Na Nachs living at the settlement and trying to claim a small corner of the world for Saba- You don't have to pay as Avraham did, but your "alyia" is a contribution in its self. It's a good start in the "natural" world order, and can be considered like Tzedakka.

It's a good thing for us, that the Allmighty accepted, that Noah (who married the woman that had survived the school of Cain and Lemech) merited a continuation of the effort of creation.

Bring with you your humility and faith and crown the Chatan Bar Mitsvah with the Petek so that you can be part of him making the dream of Ebay Ha Nachal come alive.

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