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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saba got a great party

Obvious to anyone, the Na Nachs made their clebrations all over Israel and then gathered in to Saba and each others at his grave at Har Ha Menouchotes. Saba said: "strengthen yourselves together in HAPPINESS, LOVE (like Zalman and Israel), and simple faith and I will will arrive to you.

#1 He wants to join us but he cannot when we have disputes.

#2 We must strengthen each other, not weaken each other.

#3 To learn what love, happiness and simple faith are read Ebay Ha Nachal.

#4 We are almost there but... need to realize that H. gets great joy when the lowest of the lows (in all humility please) manages to change his ways. Let's say that as individuals and as a group we have light years to go before we can reach either Rabbi Nachman or Rav Israel.

#5 Rabbi Israel AND Rabbi Nachman need to come to us- also G-d comes to us during hitbodedut (One cannot just break-in to the Holy Throne of Glory). This we can accomplish by following the three principles above and breaking out of our psychological hangups, we all have them.

I am being called an idol worshipper for "having bowed to the picture of Saba at the kotel" in context, I was saying that he is King- something I heard him say on a tape that was kept secret (against Sabas will??). Does one bow to a King? Is Saba alive or dead? I guess I am NOT an idol worshipper and I am a Levite born on 7 adar B if that means anything to anyone except G-d (the Levites are known to be everything BUT idol worshippers other arguements apply for the tribe of Juda) .

Saba made a very sever curse on all those that make fun of his talmidim. So either these evil tongues are going to have to proove on high that I am NOT a talmid, or they will need to endure the curse of Saba. I feel like the challenges presented by the Amalekites of our generation are plenty fast and keep on coming without respite. G-d will certainly have mercy on me for this additional challenge to the Cavod of Saba, since dealing with it is BEYOND my capacity. I think what we really need is chessed, not dinim of which a large supply is available. Amalekites of course, need to taste the full mesure of mida kenegued mida. It's easy to get confused who is who.

Please if there is No love, and No happiness, then keep things simple and just say Na Nach faithfully and without warped mental processes and Saba will certainly reward you by opening your heart, your eyes, your mind and your taste for life.


Anonymous said...

i learn how to stand up to my opposers from R noson and Sabba
1) run to the forest and sing to HaShem
2) write them a letter praising them and then waarning and then praising

is ur humble u wouldnt care so much b happy their not trying to kill u. and if they are thats also great.
but otherwises stop sticking up for you honar what do you want them to say. Oh dear holy Levy of the a of adar i hold of you you high soul show me the way your holding in such a high place.
BS man. you should want them to say what their saying now. so humble yourself again and shhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

L.M II, 13 cites Rabbeinu passuk "approached Pharaoh" (Exodus 14:10)
Israel approached God, when pushed to the edges of the Red Sea, the place where the greatest revelation. R'Noson and Saba was called idolatry .. Rabbeinu was vilified?
NN always dismissed approvals applause the human ... Rabbeinu said was sent to do what needs to be done.
Nanach is one, until the coming of the righteous Moshiach

Guevald! Zeit Aich Nit Mitiaesh! L.M II,78

:D Na Nach Nachmá Nachman M'Uman áááááááááááábi:)

Yashar Dovid
NaNach Brazil

The villager said...

Thanks for the help guys... Saba said all night that Torah is only Chessed and Gemilout hassadim.