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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Last night, i sat with a couple of people who asked me to sum up NaNach in less than 5 min. this is what came out of my mouth, "Nanach is like the chiloni (secular) spirit of freedom, within the Shulchan Aruch", to which one of them asked, "isn't that modern orthodoxy"? to which i responded, "yes, but we have a connection to the Tzdaddik, Rabbeinu NN".
and then other things started falling into place in my brain.. being brought-up in a modern-orthodox community, and wondering why it seemed to me such a failure. there was no light, no inspiration, people seemed either to be swallowed alive by secular culture, or yeshivot.. the shackles of somebody else's idea of who you are forced on you.
and i escaped, first from the secular scientific depression dungeon, and then from the yeshiva catastrophe, Todah L'El. Someone gave me a translation of a book quoting Rabbeinu and Likutei Moharan, and then i was off to the desert, and returning to myself.

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