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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maybe blood is life even when the creature has died

The blood calls from the earth, or as some of our friends who were in Uman know, every drop of blood must be picked up and buried along with the victim.

Adam means "a blood" and of course cannibalisim has alwayse been forbidden to all mankind, even shedding blood/ harming or killing of men by animals is forbidden since it means a desecration of the fear of man that G-d has instilled in all creatures. Even man killing animals must be punished!

Eating flesh is allowed if the blood has been poured unto the ground. The poskim say limb off a living animal. But the flesh of the animal is a like a vegetable! What are you claiming vegetables are not alive? Seems to me the claim is the opposite. But,... they don't have blood! So eating fruits off living trees is acceptable.

Time to outlaw "blood pudding" even for non-jews!

I really want Moshiah to come and clear up the mess that the world has fallen into and bring the ten lost tribes back to Israel, and to stop the blood shedding which is still in fashion after all of these years. Embarassing, or agressing your fellow so that his head becomes red in anger is also considered "killing" and it's true that anger and hell have alot to do with each other.

People that have true faith are INVINCIBLE because G-d is their shield-

Killing the soil is also related to murder because soil is called Adama.

So as a person named "red shield" I invite you to consider not to benefit from nourishment (parnassa) with the slightest trace of BLOOD in it, because the blood (or land) is immortal and it will invade your vegetable (flesh) and take control of it.

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