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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fork over the truma?

Hi, I'm wondering if someone can answer my question...

An elderly Levite, who desn't wear a kippa told me that it has alwayse baffled him why the tribes have ceased giving the meiser (the tith)? It is written in Moshe's own words that only the Levites, all of them, had no part in the Golden Calf (possible exception Korach)and would alwayse receive meiser (the tith). 2 ond Temple problems with Prosbol, Truma etc.. only go to prove that the edicts stated by Moses are as eternal as emphasised in the Torah inspite of the early and repeated tendency to modify (cheat). The tith is Jacobs idea and it was made international law by Josef for all forms of priests (even after idolatry will finally cease).

I told him that some say that no one actually knows who is a Levite these days. I continued that that isn't a real problem for the tribes since only G-d knows, therefore he is the only one responsable for correcting honest (and disshonest) mistakes.

I believe the Levites would immediatly use this money to rebuild the Temple or the current 100% real equivalent. I also believe that the Hindus and all other "cast" respecting communities would immediatly ordain this rejuvination within the tribes of Israel.

Since Josef is the one who "never had an evil thought" and Yehuda is the one who "didn't understand how the brothers could waste the blood of Josef without at least turning a small profit on it" (can't get lower). I realise that decendents of Yehuda will not accept these words easily. It is Yehuda's tikkun that the sandals he bought with the money (nahal) match the word mitnahel (to settle) in Hebrew and it is in fact Yehuda that repossesses and settles the land of Israel for the 10 tribes.

Now that Prime Minister Netanyahu (who should be the recognized world expert for the War on Terror based on the valor of his brother etc..) has made it official that Israel is a Jewish and Democratic state. The people are fully able to re-instate the Levites as the main body in government- did not Jitro say to select people that hate bribes? If Jitro said this, be sure he spoke on behalf of all the nations.

So fork over the truma... as a Levite I am more then OVER-Qualified! By the way, my first move will be to ship Rabbi Nachman's remains to the Temple Mount! I have no doubts that Ishmaelites will accept this honor, if not Rabbi Nachman certainly will see to it that it happens anywayse.

They still haven't appologized about what the did to Josef who made them slaves to Pharo for all times, something Rabbi Nachman will certainly correct. If they don't keep him in Galus- if they do then I convoque "mida ke neged mida" heavenly equivalent of tit for tat. The place for Rabbi Nachman is NOT Har Tzion, (Saba is the King and King David and all the other Kings of Juda and Israel are now with Saba), the place for the remains of Rabbi Nachman is Temple Mount! Did not the remains of Josef accompany the Kodesh Ha Kedoshim until they were buried in Shechem and could no longer be moved. Let's not make this mistake again and let's bury him in the right place or we can never repair the damage.

Na Nach Nachman Nachman Meuman, do not be afraid of sheker and try to answer this question honestly and fearlessly so you can keep the straight and holy course of a "ben-adam" (descendent of Adam) as opposed to the one "without arms or legs" who used his mouth for seduction only.


shimonmatisyahu said...

Hey, my friend, I know you mean well, but halachicly, burying people on the Temple Mount doesn't work. The Temple Mount is the most sanctified area in the world, which is meant exclusively as a place of worship to Hashem. If anything, graves on the Temple Mount could present a problem for Cohanim. It is precisely because we are unclean due to impurity of the dead that we are forbidden to walk on certain parts of the Mount until we are able to be purified again by the ashes of the Red Heifer. In fact, in the old times, Jews weren't even buried in the city of Jerusalem per se, but were buried in the outskirts of town.

The villager said...

Wait are you telling me that Josef Ha Tzaddik and Rabbi Nachman of Breslev had the slightest impurity?

We can't take the risk of denying everything we believe in... that they ARE the Tzaddik Isod Ha Olam!

Without them, the world ceases to exist!