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Monday, October 4, 2010

Ebay Ha Nachal needs to be everywhere in the world...

and there is no reason it shouldn't be an international blockbuster. People have said to start a website whose only purpous is to sell this book.

I am open for ideas- but my belief is that there are talented people out their with the right contacts who will know how to make the big contracts with the world's biggest publishing houses.

The book is so holy that nothing can "deligitimize" it, it can "correct itself" so to speak.

Famous actors can promote it, businessmen, politicians...

we need to put President Shazar on the cover like Saba said. I want the president's prayer ("letter of the president"- terrible missnomer) on one cover and the 4 tehilim for humility and knowing the "good point" in fellow men on the other with the four Israeli Bank notes figuring the people who brought this book to the press for the first time. This is the source of the four rivers of wisdome, this is Gan Eden!

ME: This book is the tree of life, it will eradicate the tree of knowledge!

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