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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bringing Saba to us!

In my mind Saba is so holy that we cannot fathome him.

To understand this try to answer the question:

If Josef was only positive and good, and at times Jacob didn't know how to explain his sons actions to Josef in a way that he could understand (since he was ONLY good, and the brothers had set up difficult challenges for their father)... how could it be that the brothers did not reflect Josef's love back to him? "Like water the face of a friend is a reflection..."

The Tzaddik is in fact "unreachable" and from sheer desperation comes the hate, because "reflecting" back is impossible. Rabbi Nachman says he can make us all like him really, not through our merit but because he makes it possible. This is something Josef cannot claim- his brothers only accepted him after he had "fallen" and worked for idol worshippers.

Saba says: "just strengthen yourselves together in love, happiness and simple faith and I will come to you".

This is the only way to "reach" the unreachable. Imagine being as perfect as Josef it's not enougth or as Rabbi Nachman, this is still not enougth. Rabbi Shimon is not the same man when he goes into the cave as when he comes out so even he cannot reach the level of Josef-- before he fell!

Saba, the King of all mortals because he like Moshe eminates from a Tzaddik Isod Olam, tells us how to reach him... why imagine we can do it any other way?

Instead of each looking for "his" path- we need to help each other with respect, love and to give each other happiness faithfully believing that this will bring the solutions. Do not "follow" someone going down a dead end- but if you see the danger warn him.

I'm sorry if I wrote this fast, but the issue has been put forward more or less,,,

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The villager said...

Felt like I needed to add that Jacob and his wives problems eminated from the fact that they had followed some advice from Laban and had placed his crooked will above their own.

Mordecai doesn't make this mistake with Haman, but Esther didn't nullify Achachverosh when she could ("ta ouff") so Mordecai was not able to fulfill the role he otherwise could have realized.

The King, just like the Tzaddik Isod Olam is not allowed to put himself behind either a regular mortal or a rasha (unless it's only a trick to make the rasha fall).