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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blood vrs Gold

A comparison I volonteered today before my elder the Rav Besancon, G-d bless him:

Blood: to make it - clean water, clean air, a quiet and steady beat

Gold: to make it - Polluted water, polluted air, lots of noise

One is G-d's breath of life, the other is the atom of death source of all idolatry.

Blood is eternal as the avenger of blood can testify,
Gold never began to exist except as a means of communication for fools, it is worthless and all those that chase after it as also worthless.

Women have a source of life, the question is, how pure?


The villager said...

The last part of the post was not said to Rav Besancon, I created it while writing the post.

Anonymous said...

What is not pure is eliminated each month...this is how they are cleaned,purified.The not pure source of man is when they break "the convenant" and sins automatically.When both are out of this elimination process and join into just one flesh,then another source of life comes.