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Saturday, October 30, 2010

God had mercy on us and gave us Rabbainu Nanach

Tour of the Keren's Nanach store in Tsfas/ Safed, Kikar Maginim

Bringing Saba to us!

In my mind Saba is so holy that we cannot fathome him.

To understand this try to answer the question:

If Josef was only positive and good, and at times Jacob didn't know how to explain his sons actions to Josef in a way that he could understand (since he was ONLY good, and the brothers had set up difficult challenges for their father)... how could it be that the brothers did not reflect Josef's love back to him? "Like water the face of a friend is a reflection..."

The Tzaddik is in fact "unreachable" and from sheer desperation comes the hate, because "reflecting" back is impossible. Rabbi Nachman says he can make us all like him really, not through our merit but because he makes it possible. This is something Josef cannot claim- his brothers only accepted him after he had "fallen" and worked for idol worshippers.

Saba says: "just strengthen yourselves together in love, happiness and simple faith and I will come to you".

This is the only way to "reach" the unreachable. Imagine being as perfect as Josef it's not enougth or as Rabbi Nachman, this is still not enougth. Rabbi Shimon is not the same man when he goes into the cave as when he comes out so even he cannot reach the level of Josef-- before he fell!

Saba, the King of all mortals because he like Moshe eminates from a Tzaddik Isod Olam, tells us how to reach him... why imagine we can do it any other way?

Instead of each looking for "his" path- we need to help each other with respect, love and to give each other happiness faithfully believing that this will bring the solutions. Do not "follow" someone going down a dead end- but if you see the danger warn him.

I'm sorry if I wrote this fast, but the issue has been put forward more or less,,,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rabbi Nachman Daily

When the Tzibur Davens its an Ace Ratzon.(sefer
haMidos tefilah-35)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Idol worship accusations

On an interesting tramp-ride this morning I heard the complaint that pictures of Rabbis, kissing them etc. is avoda zara according to Torah. I actually agree. I know it is the "standard" procedure, but we Na Nach, do know the limits of "standard procedure". It's obviously a big mistake to imitate the likes of Adolf (A bomb or H bomb) or the crucifiction and put Saba all over the walls. I think the tzaddik has suffered enougth of this nonsense.

We have the "holy of holy" petek in the actual handwriting of the "holiest man that ever walked or breathed" (I even suspect hashem scribbled the last four lines in a reverse upwards direction here). Saba said "a photocopy is like the original". Why not place the document he at least once called "the Moshiah" on every wall. Isn't that following his will without breaking the real "halacha".

I think a major direction change needs to be taken here... we are not such a "big ship" that we cannot change the course while there is still time.

No more pictures of Saba as a symbol or a logo or a poster. Filming the Tzaddik to learn from his illuminated face is meritous, paintings to decorate our houses as one would do with a King is also OK.

Bowing to a King of Israel or any other King is also not allowed according to my new friend. Jewish sign of respect is to kiss the hand- even if he are "dust at the feet" of our teachers. Imagine the scene of an idol worshipping King giving a gift to a son of Israel. When asked to bow, the son of Israel picks up the King's foot and kisses it, knocking over the King. This is a historical event that actually took place does anyone know where and when?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saba got a great party

Obvious to anyone, the Na Nachs made their clebrations all over Israel and then gathered in to Saba and each others at his grave at Har Ha Menouchotes. Saba said: "strengthen yourselves together in HAPPINESS, LOVE (like Zalman and Israel), and simple faith and I will will arrive to you.

#1 He wants to join us but he cannot when we have disputes.

#2 We must strengthen each other, not weaken each other.

#3 To learn what love, happiness and simple faith are read Ebay Ha Nachal.

#4 We are almost there but... need to realize that H. gets great joy when the lowest of the lows (in all humility please) manages to change his ways. Let's say that as individuals and as a group we have light years to go before we can reach either Rabbi Nachman or Rav Israel.

#5 Rabbi Israel AND Rabbi Nachman need to come to us- also G-d comes to us during hitbodedut (One cannot just break-in to the Holy Throne of Glory). This we can accomplish by following the three principles above and breaking out of our psychological hangups, we all have them.

I am being called an idol worshipper for "having bowed to the picture of Saba at the kotel" in context, I was saying that he is King- something I heard him say on a tape that was kept secret (against Sabas will??). Does one bow to a King? Is Saba alive or dead? I guess I am NOT an idol worshipper and I am a Levite born on 7 adar B if that means anything to anyone except G-d (the Levites are known to be everything BUT idol worshippers other arguements apply for the tribe of Juda) .

Saba made a very sever curse on all those that make fun of his talmidim. So either these evil tongues are going to have to proove on high that I am NOT a talmid, or they will need to endure the curse of Saba. I feel like the challenges presented by the Amalekites of our generation are plenty fast and keep on coming without respite. G-d will certainly have mercy on me for this additional challenge to the Cavod of Saba, since dealing with it is BEYOND my capacity. I think what we really need is chessed, not dinim of which a large supply is available. Amalekites of course, need to taste the full mesure of mida kenegued mida. It's easy to get confused who is who.

Please if there is No love, and No happiness, then keep things simple and just say Na Nach faithfully and without warped mental processes and Saba will certainly reward you by opening your heart, your eyes, your mind and your taste for life.
Dont be confused or fall from anything in this world.
(Ebay HaNachal 42)


Last night, i sat with a couple of people who asked me to sum up NaNach in less than 5 min. this is what came out of my mouth, "Nanach is like the chiloni (secular) spirit of freedom, within the Shulchan Aruch", to which one of them asked, "isn't that modern orthodoxy"? to which i responded, "yes, but we have a connection to the Tzdaddik, Rabbeinu NN".
and then other things started falling into place in my brain.. being brought-up in a modern-orthodox community, and wondering why it seemed to me such a failure. there was no light, no inspiration, people seemed either to be swallowed alive by secular culture, or yeshivot.. the shackles of somebody else's idea of who you are forced on you.
and i escaped, first from the secular scientific depression dungeon, and then from the yeshiva catastrophe, Todah L'El. Someone gave me a translation of a book quoting Rabbeinu and Likutei Moharan, and then i was off to the desert, and returning to myself.

spreading joy with the Nanach van + tour of the Nanach van

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rabbi Nachman Daily

Not knowing that everthing is from hashem is a concept of sleep & darkness.
(Likutay Halachos nitilas yadayim-2)

Saba's Yurtziet in Monsey

Tonight in Monsey NY in the Vishnitz cemetary we will be parting by the Ribnitz Rebba's grave site for the honor of Saba at 9pm, Na Nach!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Shlomo Carlbachs Yartzheit (anniversary of death)

Today was R' Shlomo's yartzheit. R' Shlomo relates that the first person who made an enormous impression on him, to inspire him to aspirations of greatness, was a Breslover Chusid, Moshe Good Shabos. R' Shlomo was telling people about Rabbi Nachman long before it was popular to do so, in fact it was quite taboo. R' Shlomo met with Saba Yisroel, and composed a melody for the Petek and sung it in English - this is available at the music site (link on the side). We also have a recorded radio interview of R' Shlomo talking about Saba, the Petek, and Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman.
Saba Yisroel died shortly after the burial of R' Shlomo, and their holy tombs are only a few minutes walking distant apart.
 You can also take advantage of a few GIG of private recordings available at the music site (link on the side).
May his merit protect us and all of Israel.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Tefilah: Let us merit for us & our children a good & long life.
(Likutay Tefilot-48)

New Pictures: Saba's Passport with Photo! and Rabbainu Nachman's Chair

Rambo Nanach

the end of this video theres a song it was random the computer picked it out and i just decided to keep it thought it was kinda fuuny.

Agent Nanach

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

meggilat setarrim revealed ?!?! decide for urselves...

friend sent me this article about the megilat setarrim being revealed
by Bar-ilan university about mashiach.
decide for urselves...
NNNNm !!!!!

Everyday a Nanach is born! #2

A while back i made a short version of this, i wanted to make another one and i really like how this one turned out although youtube would not let me use the original pink panther song i had to use this version hope everyone enjoys it! Have a blessed Shabbos!

Saba Yisroel


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amazing Suprise Awaiting Everyone In Honor of Saba Yisroel's Hilula!

Wish I could tell you now, but it would spoil the exitement....
BTW the Hilula is on Monday night - Tuesday, and Saba's tomb is on Har Haminuchos, Jerusalem.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Visiting the sick gives a person Chius,as we see by Avraham Avinu.
(Likutay Halachod on Parsha)

Nanach graffiti

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Noelle (S) has donated another $198 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Fork over the truma?

Hi, I'm wondering if someone can answer my question...

An elderly Levite, who desn't wear a kippa told me that it has alwayse baffled him why the tribes have ceased giving the meiser (the tith)? It is written in Moshe's own words that only the Levites, all of them, had no part in the Golden Calf (possible exception Korach)and would alwayse receive meiser (the tith). 2 ond Temple problems with Prosbol, Truma etc.. only go to prove that the edicts stated by Moses are as eternal as emphasised in the Torah inspite of the early and repeated tendency to modify (cheat). The tith is Jacobs idea and it was made international law by Josef for all forms of priests (even after idolatry will finally cease).

I told him that some say that no one actually knows who is a Levite these days. I continued that that isn't a real problem for the tribes since only G-d knows, therefore he is the only one responsable for correcting honest (and disshonest) mistakes.

I believe the Levites would immediatly use this money to rebuild the Temple or the current 100% real equivalent. I also believe that the Hindus and all other "cast" respecting communities would immediatly ordain this rejuvination within the tribes of Israel.

Since Josef is the one who "never had an evil thought" and Yehuda is the one who "didn't understand how the brothers could waste the blood of Josef without at least turning a small profit on it" (can't get lower). I realise that decendents of Yehuda will not accept these words easily. It is Yehuda's tikkun that the sandals he bought with the money (nahal) match the word mitnahel (to settle) in Hebrew and it is in fact Yehuda that repossesses and settles the land of Israel for the 10 tribes.

Now that Prime Minister Netanyahu (who should be the recognized world expert for the War on Terror based on the valor of his brother etc..) has made it official that Israel is a Jewish and Democratic state. The people are fully able to re-instate the Levites as the main body in government- did not Jitro say to select people that hate bribes? If Jitro said this, be sure he spoke on behalf of all the nations.

So fork over the truma... as a Levite I am more then OVER-Qualified! By the way, my first move will be to ship Rabbi Nachman's remains to the Temple Mount! I have no doubts that Ishmaelites will accept this honor, if not Rabbi Nachman certainly will see to it that it happens anywayse.

They still haven't appologized about what the did to Josef who made them slaves to Pharo for all times, something Rabbi Nachman will certainly correct. If they don't keep him in Galus- if they do then I convoque "mida ke neged mida" heavenly equivalent of tit for tat. The place for Rabbi Nachman is NOT Har Tzion, (Saba is the King and King David and all the other Kings of Juda and Israel are now with Saba), the place for the remains of Rabbi Nachman is Temple Mount! Did not the remains of Josef accompany the Kodesh Ha Kedoshim until they were buried in Shechem and could no longer be moved. Let's not make this mistake again and let's bury him in the right place or we can never repair the damage.

Na Nach Nachman Nachman Meuman, do not be afraid of sheker and try to answer this question honestly and fearlessly so you can keep the straight and holy course of a "ben-adam" (descendent of Adam) as opposed to the one "without arms or legs" who used his mouth for seduction only.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spreading Na Nach!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rabbi Nachman Daily

A new Rabbi Nachman daily was put up check it out at

Na Nach pitch for Universities...


I propose redressing 3 false conceptions that are leading the world to ruin:

I If you search you will find novelty
II People that live/work together are close
III Universities are G-dless and cursed

If you have the patience to read through this you will learn that Na Nach brings the truth to your door, it is the only novelty, people that are far are closer then those that are close, Universities are the best place for Na Nach to spread and are therefore blessed!

I Mankind wants to "discover" a new solution for society, be it for profit, honors or "altruism". So each goes on his "hunt" in libraries, on long adventures, following the media, museums, religious even psychodelic etc...Unfortunatly, non of this is new, it's just more diaspora. What is new is the statment by Na Nach below, it metamorphoses the diaspora into a true re-unification.

For Jacobs sons the objective became, longing for Josef and regretting his loss. The salvation would have been to find Josef and bring him home- instead the brothers went into exile as a result of finding him in exile and not having the power to bring him back.

Rabbi Na Nach hints at this solution when he says:
"Unite yourselves in love, happiness and faith, and I will come to you"


The book of Ebay Ha Nachal puts a person in this state of bliss and brotherhood. The way it works, as Zalman Shazar the first minister of education intended, is that any person feeling the love that the Tzaddik has for him will have an equal and opposite response over time. The book teaches us (or grows in us) how to love a pure love. His Excellency the President of the State of Israel did his job impeccably well. He gave all of us the tool to bring the Tzaddik to our doorstep!

II People that are part of an organization (even living from it) may not at all be fulfilling the wishes of their "constitution" and founding fathers. All people not involved in these organizations, may be fulfilling all the wishes of the founders of the organisations they don't even know the existence of. Those that seem close are very far while those that are far are very close.

Here is the illustration from the Ebay Ha Nachal experience:

President Shazar (Zionist/ historical) and Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser (Breslev) both started the largest printing houses in their respective genres. Each of these men knew the potential, uniqueness and vital importance of their book. It is completely safe to assume that each created his respective printing association with the intent that this particular book be pushed through the market even at cost of paper and ink alone (recorded statment). This historical fact illustrates that those that are close (the employees) are far.

Those that are very far are very close. Every person on the street be it in Tel Aviv or Pekin that works for Shekels is 1)happy to have them, 2)loves that they are in his pocket, 3) believes that he can do great things with them. What this person doesn't know is that these shekels are no less then the four rivers flowing out of Eden. Eden being the book of Ebay Ha Nachal and the four people on the banknotes are no other then Zalman Shazar (200), Israk Ben Svi (100), Shai Agnon (50), Moshe Sharet (20), precisely the 4 people involved in studying the letters of Saba Israel Ber, Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman meuman and creating this book of the redemption as they call it. Is it besides the point here to say that we could print today as many shekels as we want and the value would remain the same- therefore we could "buy" the whole world. Call it the "power of love, happiness and faith". Those that are far are unconsciously very close to the ideal of love, happiness and faith in the Tzaddik through his students on the Israeli bank notes.

III Blessed are the Universities...
This final point seems to be in contradiction with Rabbi Natan and Rabbi Nachman who preferred an anti-semetic Tzar to a university oriented friend of the Jews- Rabbi Nachman could have met Napoleon and helped him win the war allowing Israel to become Jewish AND religious- but he chose NOT to do this maybe because the "forces of enlightenment" were overwhelming (they led to the Holaucaust according to religious scholars). I praise Netanyahu for having finally taken the right step in this direction and believe that the time is ripe for Universities to become the place of choice for open and intelligent understanding of the wisdome of Rabbi Nachman. It would not suprise me at all if empowered by Rabbi Nachman, students in these facilities will surpass their collegues in the Yeshivas in all aspects of devotion as well.

Nanach door


everyone i recently had to make a new youtube account as well as email because my old email account someone got into and messed it up so now i have a new email witch you can contact me if need to at and my new youtube account is
i dont have any videos yet but all my new videos that i make will be on that youtube account.

We love the Nanach store!

Today a girl from a local cemetary - Shaarei Bena - bought a Nanach bracelet at the Nanach store in Tsfas, she was ecstatic about how cool the Nanach store is, and offered to scrub the floor in return for one of the holy books of Rabbainu.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Jah Levi Visits the Nanach store in Tsfas

B"H today Dovid Dreskin, the first guy to tell me about Nanach, brought Jah Levi to the Nanach store in Kikar Hamaginim, where he bought a big white beanie (J.L. is somewhat of a Nazir, he has very very long dreadlocks that he wraps around his waist where they form a very thick gartel) and the new English translated Likutay Moharan. We explained to J.L. how Rabbi Nachman brainwashes people - a very deep cleansing - restoring the molecular structure of the brain....

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rabbi Nachman Daily

A new Rabbi Nachman daily was posted check it out at

Friday, October 15, 2010

Repeatitive Wording

As we take a look at the name of this week's Parshas Lech Lecha, the Hebrew lettering shows the word as the letters Lamed & Chof being repeated, but just with different vowels, as Lech means "Go" and Lecha means "for yourself". In the context, Hashem tells Avrohom to make Aliyah.

To note, both words having the same letters is each the Gematria of the letter Noon. And as we know, both Rabbeinu's and Rebbe Nosson's names begin and end with a Noon. And in this case - BOTH Rabbeinu and Rebbe Nosson spoke/wrote very strongly about the importance of Eretz Yisroel and living in it. While both of them lived and got buried outside of Israel, both of them made it a point to visit Israel sometime in their lives, which was very challenging in those days, as then, the few who made it to Israel came there to live, and certainly it was not being the tourist country then the way that it is today due to modern technology.

And while Israel is compared to the body and the Torah is compared to the Neshama, one can't realistically live as a good Jew with one without the other; we need BOTH - Torah & Israel. We see that the Torah was given on the "fiftieth day" and Hashem's very first message to Avrahom Ovinu in the Torah is moving to Israel with a double wording in which each word is the Gematria of fifty. (See my latest post at where in the midst of this post, I mention more about the subject of living in Israel as a spiritual aspect)

And as we know in Breslov, on cannot live as a complete Jew without the holy teachings of Rabbeinu and Rebbe Nosson.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman

P.S. As you can see, the time of this post is 4:12 AM. Noting this number, the number 412 is the Gematria of the word Bayis, which means home. And our Jewish home in this world is Israel, the beginning topic of this week's Parsha.

rabbi nachman daily blog

The Rabbi Nachman daily will be posted on my Blog.

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blood vrs Gold

A comparison I volonteered today before my elder the Rav Besancon, G-d bless him:

Blood: to make it - clean water, clean air, a quiet and steady beat

Gold: to make it - Polluted water, polluted air, lots of noise

One is G-d's breath of life, the other is the atom of death source of all idolatry.

Blood is eternal as the avenger of blood can testify,
Gold never began to exist except as a means of communication for fools, it is worthless and all those that chase after it as also worthless.

Women have a source of life, the question is, how pure?

numa numa Na Nach

Na Nach takes over the numa numa guys channel

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rabbainu, I will be NANACH!

Recently a bunch of MFSS got together to try to build up the holy tomb of Rabbainu in Uman (instead of bringing it to the Holy Land...). Part of their advertising was putting up signs "Rebbe, We Will Try Harder", something about this message really turned me off, but I couldn't put my finger on what exactly was abhorrent. Then, maybe in middle of Rosh Hashana - New Years - when I don't converse except to say Nanach, it donned on me, this is the motto of Animal Farm! Upon coming to this realization I had a strong desire to share this intelligence with other intelligent people, 'look these signs address us as animals in a farm!' but I had to keep the knowledge to myself. Now I'm finally letting you all know that the proper motto would be, Rabbainu, I will be Nanach!

Alice in Nanachland

all the little people of Tsfas lose their heads collectively in the Nanach store.

Why did you do it?!

Why did you do it?!

S - A - B - A bus

Nanach beard

Only Want Rabbi Nachman

G Yo Wass Up Shows Off his new Nanach Earings

Love Nanach by G Yo Was Up?

New Amazing English Translation of Rabbainu's Masterpiece "Likutay Moharan" - a collection of our master Rabbi Nachman

B"H the Keren has just came out with a new amazing English translation of Likutay Moharan. They made a major printing before Rosh Hashana - New Years, but they only succeeded in binding about 400 copies which were shipped to Uman and sold out quickly. Here in the Holy Land of Israel we waited anxiously to get our hands on this holy work, and finally we were blessed with its completion.

Previously there had been an English translation, but without getting into details... there was a tremendous need for this work, and from what I hear from extatic customers this new translation seems very natural and flows beautifully.

The Keren is selling it for 100 shekel.

All together the Keren sold an estimated 150,000 shekel worth of holy books of Breslov in Uman during the Rosh Hashana piligrimage.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maybe blood is life even when the creature has died

The blood calls from the earth, or as some of our friends who were in Uman know, every drop of blood must be picked up and buried along with the victim.

Adam means "a blood" and of course cannibalisim has alwayse been forbidden to all mankind, even shedding blood/ harming or killing of men by animals is forbidden since it means a desecration of the fear of man that G-d has instilled in all creatures. Even man killing animals must be punished!

Eating flesh is allowed if the blood has been poured unto the ground. The poskim say limb off a living animal. But the flesh of the animal is a like a vegetable! What are you claiming vegetables are not alive? Seems to me the claim is the opposite. But,... they don't have blood! So eating fruits off living trees is acceptable.

Time to outlaw "blood pudding" even for non-jews!

I really want Moshiah to come and clear up the mess that the world has fallen into and bring the ten lost tribes back to Israel, and to stop the blood shedding which is still in fashion after all of these years. Embarassing, or agressing your fellow so that his head becomes red in anger is also considered "killing" and it's true that anger and hell have alot to do with each other.

People that have true faith are INVINCIBLE because G-d is their shield-

Killing the soil is also related to murder because soil is called Adama.

So as a person named "red shield" I invite you to consider not to benefit from nourishment (parnassa) with the slightest trace of BLOOD in it, because the blood (or land) is immortal and it will invade your vegetable (flesh) and take control of it.

Rebbe Nachman Numa

I am happy to see that is just like the rest of the world, were words of truth are erased but seker can persist. When people stand up for Saba's honor, by saying not to distort his words, that is erased; but making him what hes does not want to be, or trying to move the the kibbutz on Rosh Hashana away from the bones of Rabbi Nachman, that is tolerated. It makes sense

Finally a little glimpse of the Nanach store where I've been hanging out for a month or two

From N(o)ach to Nach(man)

This past Shabbos Parshas Noach/Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, I celebrated 500 months of life, beginning with Rosh Chodesh - or as a play on words - Chodesh HaRosh - the 501th month (Rosh is the Gematria of 501), being that this past Shabbos - Rosh Chodesh began my 501th month, which literally began with Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan - 1 Cheshvan. Yes, a new month - the month of Cheshvan that corresponds kabbalistically to the letter Noon, which begins and ends the names of Rabbeinu & Rebbe Nosson - to reflect on the ROSH B'nei Yisroel - Rabbeinu.

With this being said, I would like to start off my Dvar Torah on Parshas Noach, which is always read during the month of Cheshvan, with our ancestor Noach, who was named as such - Zeh Yenachaeminu "This one will give us rest", the word Yenachameniu consisting of the name Nachman in the midst of it - the first such time that Rabbeinu's name is spelled in the Torah.

We see that is was only at the ripe age of 500 years that Noach - the ancestor of all human beings today, first became a father. And speaking of the magic number 500, the Gematria of Pru Urvu - the first Mitzvah of the Torah, first given to Adam, and then to Noach after the Mabul, is also the Gematria of 500. Thus, it was at the age of 500 that Hashem provided him with children who would be the ancestors of all living race today, in fulfillment of the Mitzvah and blessing that Hashem provided Noach, with the words that have the Gematria of 500.

In a spiritual sense, Rabbeinu Nachman came to complete the Tikkun that Noach stopped short at, both by not pleading to Hashem for his generation to be saved and by getting drunk with wine as a result of being depressed on the sad state of the world after the flood which resulted in preventing him from having more children. The name of Rabbeinu Nachman's main Talmid who wrote his teachings down was Nosson, which is also the Gematria of 500. And as Chazal tell us, one's Talmidim are called and considered one's children; as indeed, they are the spiritual chidren of the Tzadik & Talmid Chacham.

As a clincher to this, Rashi points out at the beginning words of Parshas Noach - Eileh Toldos Noach - "These are the generations of Noach", where he comments that it is the good deeds of a Tzadik that are one's children. Now, the question can be asked, why did Rashi mention this specifically by Noach? Certainly, there were Tzadikim greater than Noach after him, where it says for example - Eileh Toldos Yitzchok?

The reason given for this is that since Noach indeed was the ancestor of all mankind, regardless of his exact level of righteousness, the fact that Rashi points out that it is the good deeds that are one's children specifically by Noach is a great Chiddush, especially for Noach being the world's ancestor, but that nevertheless, the Torah tells us that Noach's biggest accomplishment was his good deeds. The only reason why Hashem's blessing of him having children was significant is because there would be future Tzadikim descended from him who would also do good deeds; otherwise, having children, would not be what you would call a blessing if it doesn't serve Hashem's desired end result.

And so in our case, Hashem hints to Rabbeinu & Rebbe Nosson through Noach starting to have children at the age of 500 years, as Rabbeinu Nachman whose name is an enlarged version of Noach's name, had a Talmid & Chosid who name Nosson is the Gematria of 500 who was responsible for the spreading of Breslov Chasidus through writing Rabbeinu's teachings, as Rabbeinu himself testified that if it weren't for Rebbe Nosson, there wouldn't be any teachings of his around. And as mentioned in their teachings, today's Mabul is the flood of Apikorsus as we saw very unfortunately with the Enlightment movement in Europe.

Today, bringing Jews back to their heritage, some of whom are descendants of those who strayed from the right path as a result of the heresies of the Enlightment movement, is thanks to Breslov Chasidus, filling the world once again with true spirituality which is according to the Torah. Indeed, besides Rabbeinu Nachman's own physical children and descendants, many of whom are living today both physically and spiritually, Rabbeinu's ultimate children are his spiritual children, beginning with his own students, most notably Rebbe Nosson, and the followers of his path, including the ones brought back to the fold of Judaism through his teachings and writings, through the Man (manna) - spiritual food of Rabbeinu Nachman, echoing the food that Noach fed to the inhabitants of Noah's Ark for a year, and the manna that the Jews ate in the desert for 40 years in the merit of Moshe Rabbeinu.

The 360 degree turn has been made for many Jews - from Bible stories such as the Flood that the Enlightment movement used to have Jewish children from observant Jewish homes to mock authentic Judaism - to the fulfillment of these very "Bible stories" of some of their descendants coming back to the fold to Judaism being saved from the spiritual flood through Rabbeinu Nachman & Rebbe Nosson, as hinted in the very story of the Flood.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tipat Likutei Halachos

יורה דעה, הלכות נדרים, הלכה ד:כח

What does Reb Nosson mean when he affirms that the kedusha of one's Channuka is determined by the degree to which he exerts himself on Yom Kippur? At first this might seem extremely outlandish and very difficult to understand. Not so! As we have just ended Sukkas, Channuka is the next chag, and this being my first post, I want to briefly explore this well known idea expressed by Reb Nosson.

(כח)And this [screaming out to Hashem] is related to a Sukkah as is related in the Torah of Rabbainu (Tannina VII) that the degree to which one exerts himself on Yom Kippur determines the kedusha that he will merit on Channuka, for Channuka is the embodiment of the Bais HaMikdash.  And, this is an aspect of the mitzvah of dwelling in a sukka after Yom Kippur, because after having worked so hard [on Yom Kippur] to ask Hashem, may He be blessed, for forgiveness we are therefore deserving of the Holiness of the Bais Hamikdash.  The Sukka is related to the idea of the dedication of the Bais HaMikdash (חנוכת הבית המקדש), because the Bais Hamikdash was also known as "Sukkas Shalem".

The Chochomim say that we go into our sukkos at this time of the year to show the goyim that we're willing to sacrifice comfort for Hashem (when pressumably it's cold during Sukkos time).  I think that Reb Nosson had a different idea as to why Sukkos is right after Yom Kippur.  As we cry out to Hashem and beg to be forgiven for our sins, He hears our pleas and immediately forgives us and takes us into His shelter.  What is this shelter?  The sukka! Reb Nosson says that the sukka is comparable to the Ananai HaKavod, the cloud that hovered over Bnei Yisroel in the midbar and watched over them.  And, the Ananai HaKavod immediately resided in the Bais HaMikdash once it was built (on the paroches).  Thus, we can see the connections between Yom Kippur and Channuka! Sukkos is a direct consequence of Yom Kippur, and the Bais Hamikdash, which is synonymous with the sukka, is at the nucleus of the nes of Channuka!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Gavriel (B) has donated another $52 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.


Noelle (S) has donated another $54 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

J Post Ad to Bring Rabbanue to Eretz Yisroel

This Advert was publicized in the Jerusalem post by Reuvain, Sharon and Music

B"H the music site is now offering over 7 GIG of free music!
Just now I discovered a new folder called "favorites", which is sitting empty. Does anyone have a suggestions on how the management should choose favorite songs?

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Great New Music available free on the music site

B"H our friend Moshe Newman has recently put out a great album which he has given permission to offer the public. Most of the songs I really enjoyed, but there's one song that's so good we were playing it over and over again at the Nanach store in Tsfas until one of our neighbors had a minor fit and threatened to destroy our sound system!
Here it is:
enjoy Nanach!
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Nanach Van designed by Adam Nanach

If you have a van, or know of a van, that is ready to be converted to Nanach, please let us know, we will be happy to oblige.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!


uman flute 5771

Wanted to tend to tree roots in Ebay Ha Nachal, but...

Fanny Bluefox the wife of Joshafat has asked me to invite Na Nach followers to her sons' mar mitsvah ceremony at the Kotel (western wall) at 9:00 on Thursday morning.

It's an easy way to give encouragement to the Na Nachs living at the settlement and trying to claim a small corner of the world for Saba- You don't have to pay as Avraham did, but your "alyia" is a contribution in its self. It's a good start in the "natural" world order, and can be considered like Tzedakka.

It's a good thing for us, that the Allmighty accepted, that Noah (who married the woman that had survived the school of Cain and Lemech) merited a continuation of the effort of creation.

Bring with you your humility and faith and crown the Chatan Bar Mitsvah with the Petek so that you can be part of him making the dream of Ebay Ha Nachal come alive.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ebay Ha Nachal needs to be everywhere in the world...

and there is no reason it shouldn't be an international blockbuster. People have said to start a website whose only purpous is to sell this book.

I am open for ideas- but my belief is that there are talented people out their with the right contacts who will know how to make the big contracts with the world's biggest publishing houses.

The book is so holy that nothing can "deligitimize" it, it can "correct itself" so to speak.

Famous actors can promote it, businessmen, politicians...

we need to put President Shazar on the cover like Saba said. I want the president's prayer ("letter of the president"- terrible missnomer) on one cover and the 4 tehilim for humility and knowing the "good point" in fellow men on the other with the four Israeli Bank notes figuring the people who brought this book to the press for the first time. This is the source of the four rivers of wisdome, this is Gan Eden!

ME: This book is the tree of life, it will eradicate the tree of knowledge!

Breaking News !!! Rabbi Natan wants us to do Rosh Hashana in Israel!

Read all about it from Pgs 94 to 106 in Likutey Halachot #2 Orat Haiim. It starts getting very obvious around the beginning of pg. 96. Enjoy your studies!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simcha H. - Am I Dreaming music video

I just finished making this small music video for Simcha i hope he and everyone else enjoys it!

Great Blessings Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman =]

Friday, October 1, 2010

I was at the Kotel praying the evening before Hoshana Raba. The whole kotel was filled with people studying and praying fervently the last hours before our year is sealed from shemayim. I was inside with my head upon the holy stones of the kotel finishing my prayers and suddenly had the inspiration to go to the Sukka in the chotzer and to spend a few moments there doing the mitzva of l'shev b'sukka before leaving to return home. After all this was the final night of Sukka and the Ushpizin David HaMelek. So I went to the large kotel sukka that is filled with large beautiful pictures and I see in the corner a crowd of chassidim and bochorim gathered together. "There must be a Rebbe here," I thought to myself. All the people were pressing up against one another to get a look and to listen to the holy Rebbe sitting in the corner of the sukka. So I went also and peaked through to see which Rebbe it was...and lo and behold...there sitting in the corner of the sukka was none other than SIMCHA NA NACH giving forth beautiful flowing words on the Torah of Na Nach! He was surrounded by young boys asking questions, and the whole group was eagerly listening for quite a while as the surrounding light of Na Nach came from the Clouds of Glory and filled the hearts of these holy neshamot yearning in some hidden way for the Torah of Rabbe Nachman of Breslov Na Nach Nachma Nachman M'Uman.