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Sunday, September 5, 2010

What tribe and what person is devarim 29, 20 referring to?

Clearly the judgement hasn't occured because no new land has been turned into a sea of salt. So it is yet to occure. Have we stopped worshipping GOLD? not completely! Certainly not all of us. Is there a tribe which is 99% idol-worshipping?

Since we know of only two tribes, ten are "lost" SIMPLE MATH there are 9 tribes out there waiting to be found and one which will not be salvaged.

This corresponds to the tale of the Baal Tefila.

If so it starts with the word getting out that there is a all powerful warrior that 50 (na) miles away from a nation, requests subjugation otherwise he pulls out the all famous three way sword. But even this sword is not as fearsom as the promise from Devarim. Rabbi Nachman might have altered something here, but weeding out idol-worship is still the task and the objective.

Rabbi Nachman traces the path and yes the prophesy of Moses can be altered for the good- but only if all the tribes abandon idol worship and join the Baal Tfila--- only then will we be able to save the 10th tribe!

Galbanum is part of the Keter and it is the sign that all of us have truly pleased our father.

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