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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rabbenu revealed the year, month and day of the Moshiah

so... what is left to do?

What are we working for if everything is predestiny and Rabbenu already won this war?

Na Nach needs to be spread like honey to avoid people from going crazy at the bitterness of the SHEKER which blinds us today.

Nun is Malchos (kingship)
and Nun Chet is Malchos and "channukka miracles"

sure there is the malchus ha resha--- but no worry, miracles will ALWAYSE win the day.


1 comment:

sarah@israel said...

what is the day? there are too many opinions about this date, but what is more-i dont really understand the concept of Olam Haba-what should i expect for myself being secular jew? I belive in Hashem, but i almost dont shomeret mizvot