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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

G-d will judge us as children or as slaves...

If as children thank you and if as slaves we will not complain. Ruth was warned by Naomi...if you convert you may become guilty and go to hell, do you accept? Yes she answers where you go so will I (if you are mistaken then I will be also because I will follow you as a Hassida).

What is a slave? A slave is a slave of his LUSTS and AMBITIONS (Hauty). Usually this type of person becomes a human predator. He helps G-d by serving the Devil as a hammer to discipline and train the righteous. Eventually all his plans turn over on his/her head and all the stolen goods/time etc.. go back to the owners in exponential powers. If he/she is lucky they are punished in this world. regarding them this is considered MERCY happy is the lot of the Rashaim that get punished here and now! A notable example of the opposite is Korach who attacked the Tzaddik and went to hell unpunished. Even Moshe can be merciless with the VERY vile! Korach is not complaining, but acting like a true son- in the wrong place.

The time to praise the King is now, not in Hell. The Tzaddik hasen't asked anybody to be a slave, but maybe for every tzaddik there is a rasha. Do everything in your power not to be given this role.

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