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Sunday, September 19, 2010

EBAY- when will it be THE book?

Saba says thousands of chosen/ fervent people already cherish the book.. OK, is that enougth?

If the Shazar Center still doesn't print the book- the Saba's saying:

"Ebay Ha Nachal will be famous when the Moshiah comes" isn't applicable yet.

Why the Shazar Center?- Well in the same way as the Keren was created to print this most important book, so was the Shazar Center....but the time hasn't come yet! The reason for the dissinterest? The holy seperation between "church and state"- Yet this book shows how to integrate the two! Moshiah is not only religious he is also multi-national/cultural/judicial/ political- EBAY HA NACHAL has it all!

If you believe that Moshe had a greater span of teaching then Josef-- then understand that the same comparison applies for Saba with regards to Rabbi Nachman.

So what is the story of the printing and reprinting of this book authored by Saba Israel and given to the Beit Ha Nassi in honor of his beloved friend President Zalman Shazar. The "petek" appeared at first on the cover chosen by Saba... then the petek became transparent on a blue cover, then it went to the back cover then it was placed on the grave, then the grave appeared without the petek, then no grave and no petek! Just as the petek is less and less important on this book, it becomes less and less important compared to all the "new" litterature and material about Saba.

I strongly reject this trend. Ebay Ha Nachal is the treasure revealed by the Petek.

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The villager said...

Ebay ha Nachal is finally available for 5 shekels, which means mass sales is possible,