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Monday, August 9, 2010

Why SABA insisted on Simcha & the MITSVAH GEDOLA

All our problems come from lack of keddusha and jealousy towards those who do have keddusha!

For example The ten brothers & Josef or The Snake and the Holy Couple.

The solution is so simple, people can't figure it out.

You need to amuse (in a kosher way) the "depressed" character(s). As a result, their thoughts become cleaner and their desire to do evil and their jealousy are reduced making them less destructive/offensive (n-osif as opposed to y-osif).

Only a good HAPPY HAFATSA will get people to read the books and to respect the Tzaddik(im).

As for the brothers and the snake- they had opportunities to be excellent HELPERS but they blew their chance and other solutions were created!

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