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Monday, August 23, 2010

We're selling Stickers!!

Stickers for Sale, Great Hafatzah for Uman, about 350 Vinil stickers 13.5x13.5 cm, 1 shekel per sticker. call 052-223-1100


Anonymous said...

this contradicts your post from a few days ago. or are you just trying to get rid of all of them?

The villager said...

What I see as questionnable:

1,- per sticker means a good share of the tzeddakka goes to pay for the sticker. If I put it in the shook, all my profits will dissapear because people give tzeddakka then take "tzeddakka"- what will be left for the work? If nothing is left for the work and I have to maintain the Ishuve of EBAY HA NACHAL without being here and without any money- It could easily become a "fake Saba" ishuve.

I am posting all this for Mafitsim to understand and comment on this practical example.

I could only do this a second time if I see that people give 2 or 3 shekels per sticker-


Everyone will want a sticker and they themselves will be an attraction. People will take time choosing the stickers- drawing attention and more "contributers"

Because the stickers are Hafatsa in a generation when people are too busy to read,(a line here, a line there..)

I want to run an experiment, my number is 02 930 9925 at Ebay Ha Nachal I can pay and pick up at Sabas or here also at Sabas (village).

I'll give you the results unless someone else takes the time to do the experiment for you.