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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shas 300 Times

Heard from Moshe Azizio this Shabbos that he knows the Saba went through Shas over 300 times.


Avraham said...

Parden my ignorance, but who is Moshe Azizio?

peace said...

the doctor from the old city

Anonymous said...

yeah, he went through it with his eyes closed singing Na Nach the whole time!

Anonymous said...

here's how the saba read shass:

ma'aymata koreen et hapetek bema'aravin? mishikamta min hamita vead she hinachta roshecha al hakarit. kol sha'a vekol yom vekol hazman.


Anonymous said...

Let's do a quick calculation. Since Azizo is now a "doctor" he should be pretty good at math.

Saba lived about 100 years. That would mean that, if he learned Shas from the day he was born, he would have had to complete it on average 3 times per year. Shas contains 20 volumes consisting of about 60 meshechtot. That would be about 60 volumes of Shas per year, or about 5 volumes of Shas per month.

Each volume contains on average 120 blatt, so that would come out to about 600 blatt per month, or about 20 blatt per day. This is what Saba would have to have covered each and every day for 100 years to go through Shas 300 times in the course of his life.

And since he did not learn Shas from infancy, and in his older years he could not read at all, then the daily average requirement would be much higher, perhaps closer to 30 or 40 blatt a day!

And since Saba said from his own lips that he spent most of his time studying Likutay Halachot, saying Tehilim, and doing hisbodedut, then it appears highly unlikely that he learned Shas 300 times.

(In fact I heard Saba discourage people from studying Shas, since he said lamdanim often were arrogant and misnagdim to Rabbeinu.)

Perhaps Saba meant he went through Likutay Mohoran 300 times? If he started Breslov around the age of 20 and he continued to read until 80, that would be 60 years. Likutay Mohoran has 411 Torot in both parts, which if multiplied by 300 comes to about 120,000 Torot Saba had to read over the span of 60 years. That would mean an average of 2000 Torot per year, or about 5.5 Torot per day, which again is pretty high, but plausible.

Azizo does not help the cause of Na Nach by lying or distorting Saba's words. In fact, if it is an avayra to denigrate the Tzaddik, it also is an avayra to exaggerate his words and actions. And if Azizo really thinks he "heard" Saba say this, then he deserves our prayers for a refua sheleimah since he appears to be halucinating.

Another possibility is that Saba was speaking metaphorically to deflate the arrogance of lamdanus. Note the following:
מש"ה = ש' + אד"ם

Also: ש"ס = (ר"ת) ש' + סבא

Any arrogance on the part of his interlocutor, Saba answers by saying: “I am 300 times Shas, or I am the man (Adam) who has mastered Shas 300 times.”

He also might have meant that the ruchniut he acquired via the aytzot of R”N brought him to the level of ki’ilu he learned Shas 300 times.

It appears the statement was mussar and mashal, not mamash.

If Azizo really is a “doctor”, he should know the difference.

Dun Aryeh said...

Your calculations are all very well with regular people, however Tzadkim stand above regular time, not to mention that their minds work thousands of times faster then that of the average kollel guy or rosh yeshiva.

There are many Tzadikim such as the Ari that learn in a moment what it would take others to study in years and lifetimes.

On a simple level it is possible to study when in a meditative state of expanded consciousness what it would take another person days to study.

Have some faith in the Tzadikim they are much higher then the Erev Rav Shakranim.