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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ram Tefillah

so today i attempted to install new RAM (memory) into my computer, and was frustrated when afterwards my computer wouldn't even start. I was sure I followed instructions right. and then.. i read somewhere else that one must apply 20-30 pounds of pressure onto the chips in order for them to go in right. it worked B"H.
we all pray, but who knows, maybe we're not answered sometimes cause we're not putting enough Pressure into it. we never imagined so much Koach was required. Rabbeinu says pray with all your Koach.
Personally I have held back from praying strong, cause Rabbeinu also says 'Don't Force', but i realize now, it's not a contradiction. We can pray with all our strength, and still realize that everything is up to the Almighty.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!


The villager said...

Want to hear more stories like these! Where have you been?

rabbinachman said...

lets see u get married with some serious prayer, to the right girl right time, amen!

IlaN-ach said...

Umein to above ^
Nice mashal..

shimonnachmanshilo said...

amen, maybe with a little help from my friends too, Shimon Nachman Shilo ben Miriam Ruth :)