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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No Touma/ No death

The Baal Shem tov was asked why he allowed himself to be buried.."he wanted the humiliation of being placed in the dust!" (heard this from a bus passenger who was upset with Saba's statments about Chabad- to which I said that the velocity of leaders of thousands is like the velocity of rockets... the slightest irregularity in the fuselage and you have a big explosion- at our speed this is not a problem - they should go on creating schools and putting tefillin on jews)

Why does Rabbi Israel say I am Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman, I am the Moshiah- why does Rabbi Nachman come back to die again?


The 100% level of Rabbi Nachman surpasses ONLY Yosef HA TZADDIK! I will argue this but it's a "by definition" thing.

"No flour- no torah" or No Josef- no Moshe -- or-- No Rabbi Nachman no Na Nach

Why did Josef need Moshe?

Josef got us INTO EGYPT
Moses got us OUT OF EGYPT

Rabbi Nachman preserved our judaisim IN THE JEWISH GHETTO
Rabbi NA NACH brings our judaisim OUT OF THE GHETTO AND TO THE WORLD!

Please consider this as an new axiom

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