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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Like Saba said, this world is'nt worth a penny!

The grandiose Shwartzennegger just moved to repeal the voter amended law of California that makes Homosexual and Lesbian marriages illegal.

IN other words- forces are trying to sink the USA into promiscuety- Beware Israel, the same assault is coming our way!

NA NACH NACHMA NACHMAN MEUMAN. May all the followers of Bilam PERISH along with their contaminated loot! They want to mess with Saba? Dust on his shoulder- pouff!

They can try dancing down there, maybe it will help cool the flames. G-d didn't want his children to be Gay do you?


Tziki kedera said...

Look at gemmora hulin 92a,,,there will always be homos, but when they leave the closet...oiy lanu...oiy the world...

Anonymous said...

Yes my brothers and sisters, some of the lovers of Ha-Shem and followers of the Rebbe are gay. Do not hate us.
My faith is in Our loving G-D, let Ha-Shem, and only Ha-Shem judge me.