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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The King is in the field!

As G-d made me go to King David and realize that he isn't alone, in fact his royal court consists of many if not all Kings of Israel. Since, this is not common knowledge, it should also be known that the other kings lay like dust at the feet of the great of great KING DAVID. Can you explain how his psalms are the most respected prayers across the world? Even Saba said..."Rabenu zeh David Ha Melech".

Makes you wonder...

Still two right hands wrote the holy of holy "michtav, michtav" mentionned at the giving of the tables of the law 100 days after Pessach. Indeed, time doesn't exist and WE are the generation. David Melech Hai Ve Kayam. Ten psalms.
Had the brothers been Happy and together, they would not have put Josef under-ground~

Two hands received the Petek- both of flesh and bones right and left!

There was machloket about Moshe, but none about Joshua...
Na Nachs ARE Joshua, are we ONE?

We can only achieve this by the true joy that the Petek brings to us all.

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