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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Elkana and Chana

Why does Elkana say to Chana you are like ten sons to me...

She was faithful 100 times that the two portions were for her and for "the fruit of her womb", but then she cryed out and was ready to "brake her own deal" so to speak. Her husband an incredible tzaddik understood immediatly what had happened to her then G-d honored him by putting in his mouth a prophetical hint that one day the tikkun haklalli would amend the errors of the brothers of Josef and cure the Pgam ha Brit opening the path to prayer reparing the shattered louchote (accompanied by the revelation of the petek) and bringing the ten lost tribes back to the G-d of Israac and Jacob (israel).

Kiryat Malka David Chana gives you a hint of the relevence of Chana (ha malka) the "mother" of the true master of prayer! That prayer was the prayer of 100 years!

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