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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Bond between Shazar and Saba is the Louchot Ha Brit

Draw the Louchot- then draw Saba on one side shaking hands with President Shazar on the other tablet. Breaking this friendship will shatter the world and plunge it into Chaos!

1 comment:

The villager said...

This explains why you have louchotes and not Louach. Boards and not board. There are two just like the Jewish Nation is composed of priests and seculars, so is it also today--- there is no reason for hatred.

1 The first step needs to be mutual respect. 2 The second step needs to be love. This corresponds to 1 reparing the shattered boards 2 joining them once again.

If you wonder why a shattered heart is often symbolized by being broken into it's two parts... please stop wondering now.