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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Betlers are filling in for the Beatles with a twist!

After a week of concerts the haverim are satisfyed with a job well done- so are we.

But what happened in anti-semetic Belgium (on the way to Austria) this week (unforgettable heroes of Dunkirk (joke))?

One artist dived on the public sending a women to the hospital. The father of another artist died of a heart attack while mixing the sounds- and the star performer climbed the highest satelite antennea after the concert and made a 10++ meter (approx) leap to his death. Not so sameach?

Let's say that if we performe BE KEDUSHA we can out-perform the best at BE TOUMA-- but we can never match them on their own field "be touma" especially not our "neighbors"! We better get Be Kedusha and "double time"!



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