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Friday, July 2, 2010


The study of Zohar is extremely beneficial. Through studying the Zohar, you can attain enthusiasm for all your sacred studies. The very language of the Zohar is so holy, it can motivate you to serve G-d. The Zohar uses most forceful expressions in seeking about our duty toward G-d. When speaking of a person who does good, the Zohar says 'Zakah ...Worthy is he!' On the other hand, it cries out against a sinner, 'Vai!... Woe! Woe is to him! Woe is to the soul who strays from serving G-d!' Reading such expressions can greatly influence you to serve G-d. When he used it in the Zohar, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai made the Aramaic Targum Language so holy that even other things written in this language have the power to arouse a person toward G-d.
(Rabbi Nachman’s Wisdom 108-109)

Our Holy Master Rabbi Chayim Vital, may his merit shield us, in the introduction to the book Etz Chayim, warned the students of the Torah, those who listen to the Word of G-d, the great obligation they have to study the hidden Torah [Kabbalah], and the great punishment for neglecting its study, because one hour of this study does the same as thirty days of the study of Pshat (plain meaning of the Torah.)
(Kise Melech on Tikune Zohar 30, 73b)

Good Shabbos
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shimonmatisyahu said...

Indeed, there are 148 Dafim of the Tikunei HaZohar, the holiest part of the Zohar, corresponding to which there are exactly 148 days from the Yahrzeit of Rashbi, author of the Zohar on 18 Iyar/Lag Baomer through the Yahrzeit of Rabbeinu Nachman on 18 Tishrei, bearing in mind that Rabbeinu's name is the Gematria of 148. (Today is the 62nd day from Lag Baomer). Indeed, the introductory paragraph of Rabbeinu's Likutei Moharan speaks of Rashbi and his teachings. Also, Rashbi's name Shimon Ben Yochai and Rabbeinu's name Nachman Ben Simcha have the same Gematria of 553.