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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yartzeit (anniversary of death) of Nachman Shabsai (Reuvain) ben Tzadok (who passed away this year) and Giula

**** there's a great picture of him on the Hebrew ****

At the azkara (remembrance) last night, some guy named Baruch told over a few stories about N”S.
Once there were a group of guys in Uman by Rabbainu and it was erev Pesach midday and they didn’t have anything for Pesach and they weren’t at all prepared either. The atmosphere was very depressing, until N”S walked in and promised them that they would have 100 kilo of meat, x amount of chickens, x kilos of Matzo etc., new clothing from head to foot etc.. This guy Baruch asserts that before sunset all had been fulfilled, he was there.
Baruch says that in that time period in Uman they often had very little food and N”S would always reassure them that all would be well.
Baruch also told over, I couldn’t hear so well but this is the upshot, that N”S promised him that he would get married that year, Baruch went through some difficult times, N”S came to him in a dream and told him because Baruch had believed him he would in fact get married that year, and so it happened . [it could be that N”S came to him in a dream after the engagement, and told him…].
Nachman Shabsai would frequently tell people, תחשוב טוב יהיה טוב – think good and it will be good.
Someone at my table told me a very typical and common story that happened with him. He was in Meron as his custom to go for 21 days every year for Lag BuOmer. N”S asked him if he could take him to the Maayan (spring) of Shmaya ViAvtalyon, this guy replied that he didn’t have a car, N”S told him don’t worry there will be a car, and just then someone pulled up and asked them if they wanted a ride to the Maayan.

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IlaN-ach said...

He sounds like a real baal emunah. May we all be zoche to "think good", and trust Hashem properly.