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Monday, July 5, 2010

What went down and what's going up on Chag HaPetek

B”H last night I was zoche to be by Saba for Chag HaPetek, there were also other visitors who came for the occasion and at one point we had about 20 people there. A Nanach from Cholon set up to sleep there, and after I left, at about midnight, people were still streaming in B”H. There was a guy from Ashdod that came with his wife and daughters and they were laughing hysterically B”H, one of the girls was complaining that the laughter was causing her pain to her stomach. It was kind of contagious – so that this other Nanach that was there who was trying to scream would just erupt in laughter.

B”H, from what I understand, today before shkeya the Nanach will convene by Saba and from there they will proceed to Catamon where there will be a remembrance for Shabsai Nachman.

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