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Sunday, July 4, 2010

TO: Villager | RE: Erev Rav

Dear Nanach Villager,
Please post your drush on why we have no records of Saba ever mentioning "erev rav."


The villager said...


Maybe I'll follow up on this, but for starters:

Erev Rav, is a term that leads to Machlokes.

It's like calling someone a Jew in 1939! Our "tribe of Yehuda" is already traumatised by this name calling, and some members could actually consider becoming KAPOS! If they do, it's just as much the fault of the name callers as of the "victims" turned hunters.

People can do desperate things when they become desperate and some are alwayse desperate even when there seems to be nothing to be desperate about- but it is in their head, the newspapers, their past etc...

Saba was very big on his friendship with Israeli Minister of Education Zalman Shazar. He calls their friendship a segoula and a primary cause of the redemption. To prevent this relationship, rest assured the Satan did everything in his power. Since His Excellency President Zalman Shazar was considered a secular and scientific (historian in any case) Jew he was constantly in contact with "maskilim" or what Saba terms "Apikoursim".

Didn't Rabbi Nachman of Breslev himself tie special bonds of friendship with the "infamous" Proffessor Hertz of Uman and did he not choose his final mortal resting place in the house of "The highway thief" Reb. Nachman Natan Rappaport?

As you know, Rabbi Nachman can give H. the highest of all pleasures because he can help the lowest of the lows choose and become Zaddikkim.

In the fight between Rabbi Nachman and the Satan, your role is to be fearless and believe that the bonds of love that G-d has to all his creatures never need to be severed.

Zimri himself who tried to curse and divide Israel became the pedestal for Pinchas and all the Cohen Gadols to bless and give leadership to Israel.

If Saba didn't use this term...he certainly didn't want us to use it.

I really fear the divisive power of this term and believe that it's use will create another Pinchas to eradicate the users.

If you want to call someone Amalek, like Saba, go for it, take on the responsability, maybe he will do tchouva, maybe you are right and he needs to be destroyed eternally (not just killed). Are you in a position to make the claim?

Erev Rav are the people that want to go back to Egypt, right? Who has come out yet? Someone has given up on the golden calf besides the tribe of Levi? Who according to you is an Erev Rav?

The term is a loaded gun that can be pointed at anybody. Saba didn't use it and if Moses chose to accept these people, Saba is not going to take the liberty of saying that Moses made a mistake. If anyone besides Moses, can claim that Moses made a mistake, it could only be Rabbi Nachman with Saba's consent. NO one else.

If I dare to comment on the tora instead of repeating what a gaon says then I need to be afraid I will be persecuted by my brothers because I am a proven case of Erev Rav?

More then devisive this is dangerous and plays directly into the hands of Satan. Saba says the Satan uses all his energy to divide Am Israel and especially the Chaverim because he knows that with us united the Tzaddik takes over and Satan is deatheternally out.

Leave that word for AM-Haaretzim and for Satan. Every Jew wants to come out of Egypt- the Erev Rav no longer exists!

The villager said...

The tainted wheat is out already(stories of Rabbi Nachman).
The world is full of lunatics.
How does putting a Na Nach kipa on save us?

That way we are conscious that we also are lunatics, like the whole generation! They believe they are sane, which is a lie. We know everyone is crazy which is the truth according to Rabbi Nachman as proven by the kipa we wear!

This is like saying we also are Erev Rav.

Tziki kedera said...

the erev rav is a huge klippah , there are 5 kinds
2) balli tavah
3) phonies
4) MSS....mefursom shel sheker
5)tavas mamon
all explained in zohar breshis...

The villager said...

So you and I are part of the klippa, I would have liked to avoid being a klippa, but since you and the Zohar, leave me no choice. Now, am I still a jew or I am an ennemy of the Jews? According to you?

Is this keruv?
How many times do you say Na Nach when speaking about the Erev Rav?

Not at all?

Na Nach must be like a fish in the Gulf of Mexico and the term Erev Rav something like potential destruction of the sea bed.

Is this the large cloud and evil wind that you want to un-intentionally bring upon us?

I suggest you enter a dance trance and sing alot of Na Nach before answering this question!

Anonymous said...

i hope we're not...but there is sush a thing...ER is in l. Halakot we say shlo asani goi each day because things can happen in the himmel...
Hashem yesmor
i saw last wek that MR hit the rock to keep the ER AWAY FROM THE TORAH...

IlaN-ach said...

Ive often wondered if I am Erev Rav.
There IS such a thing as a final biur, but this is also a final yichud.

Gevurah will be Chesed.

I completely agree that its not our place to say who is what.. let those who know, know, and keep it to themselves.