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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The TIKKUN HA KLALLI an accurate misnomer!

If everyone's tikkun goes through the same 10 psalms, why did King David write 150?

150 in Hebrew sounds like Ken also meaning nest or jealousy (like Pinchas jealous father of the holy holy holy high priests) I guess that dealing with jealous angels, it's good to have a protective nest. In the Scandinavian or Dan landish read from left to right ken becomes nok which means "enougth" so 150 psalms is enougth. 150 psalms divided by 5 books gives the number 30 which in Hebrew means "to teach" commonly used to express the idea of finding merit in someone "lamed zchout". The purpous of the psalms is to cloth a person with true merit so he can appear before the King. With the psalms everyone can become a "star" (of David)Do you realize that the 70 that came from "the man of truth"- Jacob avinou are referred to as stars?
I also want to point out that most religious people read King David's psalms, also non-Jews. Do I see 70 national language translations of the psalms being read? YES! Even so, phonetic reading without understanding is also possible.

The reason why TIKKOUN HA KLALLI is a missnomer is because it is Rabbi Nachman's PRIVAT tikkoun (set of 10 psalms). The reason why it is accurate is that by reading Rabbi Nachman's personal set of psalms (for him) one attaches himself intimatly to Rabbi Nachman doing him a "favor" in exchange of which we a cleansed by his perfect purity.

So the term is accurate after all.

PS Someone can find his own private tikkun if he includes 95, 77, 105 and 115 and adds his own personal 6 (G-d will show them to you if you simply follow his ways).
King David might be proud that you found them!


IlaN-ach said...
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IlaN-ach said...

150 (the number of tehillim) is also gematriya:
like your people - כעמך
for my people - לעמי
for the congregation - למועד
will answer (prayer) - יענך
fortress - המצודה