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Monday, July 12, 2010

Saba Daily

Yes, as it is written in the Petek, "My precious student, I greatly enjoyed your service, and about you I said." "I greatly enjoyed"-as you are. So, be strong and bold of heart, be strengthened and emboldened in the service of God. And immediately-the signature, Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman, this signature is the information, he informs us about this. There was never a signature like this in the life of Rabbeinu, this was only revealed in this Petek, this is a new revelation that is the Song that will be revealed in the future, single, double, triple and quadruple Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman. This is the new revelation, this is the redemption, all of the redemption is dependent on it! (Israel Saba conversations page 333-334)

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