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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quotes within the life of The Saba pg 381 Chefa (plenty-misspelled)

"For Honors there is no time...& To be good friends.."

-When Rabbi Nachman travelled to Israel and he travelled to Haifa and he went to the Cave of Elija the Prophet, who was with him?

-Maybe his first student...

-Rabbi Natan?

-The first student Rabbi Shimon, Rabbi Shimon, he was the first student, of R. Nachman, the first one, and he was with him in the land of Israel...

-And they went to the Cave of Elija on the eve of Rosh Hashana?

-No, he went to Odessa and asked from R. Nachman, a promise that when he would return from the land of Israel, that he would remain alive, and he promised him that he would return about a week and an additional ten days, and thus it was, oy.


Only the crown! He has money alot, thus they want a crown! The crown? Can't one see that there is beauty like this, beauty like this, and he doesn't want, with the crown to give, 20 lirote, with this? Maybe it is worth more? Doesn't want! Suddently, the horse jumped and threw him and the kibboutz and the world said 20 million and he falls? Yes. Be he remained without a horse! He sees that everyone is making fun of him! He wants to go, to take the horse, the horse sticks his head out and they fell, he wants, already to go, he sees, that everyone is making fun of him, he wants to go, he took the horse and remained without a horse! The horse and the water-pump.....
-What do we sell?
-If we only have one page of Likutey Tefilot etc etc etc, that is kindness beyond description....



If you are outside Israel you are NOT ALIVE.
To some the Crown is money unlimited, to others the Crown is one page of R. Nachman.

Rabbi Nachman did not spend one Rosh Hashana by Rabbi Nachman, and like the Burnt Book and the Burnt Petek his works were no other then Rabbi Natan himself who went nearly out of his mind trying to smell the smoke eminating from the keddusha of these books.

Rabbi Shimon is buried by the Ari in Sfat, a miracle because the hevra kadisha had intended to bury him on the outskirts of the cemetary and it was "by mistake" that he was buried in the present location-- as you know one cannot re-bury a jew already buried in Eretz Israel (as opposed to the nation of Israel- Gush Katif?).

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The villager said...

Is it possible that Rabbi Nachman asked Rabbi Shimon in secret to deliver the Petek in Eretz Israel?

This was more important then being present at Rosh Hashana?

Of course, why not?

if not- then, possibly, because it was forbidden for any mortal to see the Petek before SABA. Rabbi Shimon could be trusted not to look at the letter and to follow instructions (well, the let.).

Why then, didn't Rabbi Shimon return to Breslev?

Maybe because, he already had Rabbenu's formal promise that he would be his coach driver in heaven.

Would you return under such circumbstances, if you were in Rabbi Shimon's place?

In the world, there is nothing but Na Nach! As revealed in the letter to Rav Saba Israel Odesser.

The opposite of NN is not Chabad it's SS!