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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A persons lips should never rest

A person should only look at the good thats in the world, he should consider that the Jews are a good people who fulfill G-d's Torah.By thinking only good,a person can draw all Jews after him to return to the way of the Torah.In addition,he can also draw all manner of goodness to himself,because that which he wishes for others will also accrue to him.The perfection of a Jew consists of his clinging to G-d so completely that he sees before his eyes only the letters of G-d's name.How is this attained?Through constant Torah learning and prayer.As Rebbe Nachman said "A persons lips should never rest."

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The villager said...

Even reading the newspaper and trying to understand it's relation to Am Israel is tora- did Rabbi Nachman not say that a person could learn from the grass and the trees?

The "holier then thou" syndrom is worse then any pandemic outbreak and should not be encouraged. We are only mortals and to just care for one another and to forgive in spite of fear and the urge for self defense is a universally accepted basis for spiritual growth.

This being said, there is no higher level then Na Nach so why not go for it with every iota of energy and courage that one has.

Is there really another perfectly good point in the world?