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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Never give up!

No one should ever give up hope for him or herself, however far you have fallen. Even if you are lying in the very pit of hell, you must never despair of G-d's help. Even there you can draw close to the Almighty. For the whole earth is filled with His glory. The true Tzadik is only worthy of the name in virtue of his power to restore to life even those who are fallen farthest and to raise them up. He can give them new strength and courage. He can rouse them and stir them up. He can reveal to them that regardless of what may have happened, G-d is still with them, near them, close at hand, and concerned in every way. For the whole earth is filled with His glory. And this same Tzadik also has the task of proving to those who are on the highest levels they still know nothing of the true wisdom of the Almighty. For: "What are all your searches, what are your investigations?" (L.M 11:7)

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully written and inspiring. Thank you.