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Monday, July 5, 2010

Motzay Chag HaPetek

B"H this Nanach was priveleged to be by Saba at the closing of Chag Hapetek, there were also about 20 other people there, and people coming and going.
From there I hooked up with Asher Peretz and Ayhood and we went to the azkara - remembrance - for Nachman Shabsai, on the way Divine Providence had us pick up Mordechai from Ebay Hanachal, when we arrived there was a full seuda (meal) served with many friendly faces B"H.
They are trying to write a Sefer Tora in his memory, and Mordechai and I joined together to buy one letter.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


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