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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The incredible wealth of the Tzaddik

If the government only knew, the power they have....

Because of the holiness of Rabbi Nachman the Israeli Shekel is at this moment a miraculous currency. The government could in all simplicity print it in infinite quantities because on the bills are the four believers in Saba, two of which printed the holiest of Books...Ebay Ha Nachal, which I am ready to place all my "chips", is no less then the Petek!

In fact, not having the faith to control and dominate the world this way as exact revenge for the accusations being leveled against us is sheerly pathetic behavior from the nation of G-d. Mercy on G-ds creatures would require us to act this way.

If we believe in G-d and not money, then we can do what Avraham's father did except that we don't need to drown in the hogwash! Our money actually being holy since the pictures on it will be a type of "petek" for the Goyim, it will eventually cure them- even if they used it as the idole that money is to them for the moment. Through the money the Tzaddik will lower himself to the lowest depths and bring every human and his creatures up with him.

Need prayers and help to get this message through to the right authorities and medias. Even better a simple hitbodedut for "circumbstances" to create this conjuncture.

Mevoutal le Na Nach

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