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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


B"H last night there was a givald wedding in Psagot. On the way back home, walking with an Israeli - kind of homeless - Nanach, we were stopped by 3 police who were convinced that we were on drugs, and B"H we had a great time with them telling them Nanach while they searched intently for anything to incriminate us. Towards the end they asked my friend how it is that he was speaking to me if I only speak English (a good practice when dealing with foriegners out to get you), to which my friend explained to them eloquently: Na Nach, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman.
Tonight B"H there's 2 weddings, some Nanach named Dan, somewhere in the Merkaz, and a Bezenson Nanach - Liron at King David - B"H I'm going and I think Lazer Lawrence and therfore Y.A. Nanach will also be there.
Wish I would have been there, but I only found out the day after - about 3 weeks ago Adam Ben Luvi - better known as FISHY HAGADOL (you can get his amazing rap/hip hop music for free at our music site) got married B"H. The Chasuna was amazing, there were basicly two groups - Nanach and celebreties, the Nanachs ruled and I heard it was GIVALD.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


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