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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WATCH OUT!! sends out emails to all your correspondants and changes your profile on Facebook saying 'Check out my photos on" as soon as you register. It's BUGGED!! DON'T REGISTER TO SHTYLE.FM


NaaNaach said...

already signed up, should I close my account with them (I don't really plan on using it anyway)?


The villager said...

"the Geula is in the books" is a true statment... but there IS a big short-cut for sincere and action minded people: The "stored book" (sefer ha ganouz).

Av beit Din, Motel of Sloni can make his investigation on that statment too.

I wonder if he became a Na Nach and if not, why not?

The answer to this last question will also push the reader towards bringing the redemption.