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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Answer to the doubts about my sticker "No need for reason to be happy so, brother, Throw away your brain and move your foot"


The full answer is written in an article called "Lemaan Achay Vereay" in the hebrew blog.

In Short, in my sticker I meant that Rabbeinu's advice Milta deShtuta is a non-rational way to bypass our rational brain in order to be happy.
But, that advice is a WAY not a rational REASON to be happy therefore I wrote that we don't HAVE to have a reason in order to be happy and the way to follow this advice is to annul your mind to the Tzadik Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman that hints to us that we're totally crazy with certificates therefore we have to believe this and obey him by forcing ourselves with all our forces to be happy and one of the ways to be happy is to move your feet - dance.

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The villager said...

Or walk to Uman/ Jerusalem like a regular Madman or Goy.