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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Moses and Ahron fell on their faces?

What could they do, Hashem was allowing babies to go without water! Sometimes, even the Tzaddikkim "fall on their faces" our human bodies only tolerates so much. But SABA insisted, get up six hours after dark and do Hatzot and Hitbodedut. That is exactly what happened... the Lord gave them the water they needed to "teach" the "babies". This is a routine occurrence for people regular in avodat hashem. If Moses had kept his cool, I am convinced he would have entered Israel and done the tikkoun of "ten" needed to rectify the evil that began with the avoided murder of Josef.

I do not blame Moses G.forbid! What I want to stress is that Rabbi Nachman did complete the tikkoun and it is for us to bring him to Israel to fulfill his plan and to save the world and ourselves. Moses will finally also be able to find his own tikkun, he has been waiting alot longer then any of us, and has so much merit...

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