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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hollywood movies affecting the frum world

Though I commented on Stephen Nanach's recent blog about those who think there is love before marriage like viewed in Hollywood movies, I feel that I need to make my comment as a separate blog as this is an issue that extremely affects the frum community.

In my many years of dating "frum" women, most have clearly been affected by Hollywood movies, which for them is the Aveira of following in the ways of the goyim, being more like "frum" nuns who don't believe in getting married, and just going through the lifestyle of being observant Jews. So many of them in their 30s and above think they haven't met their basherte, i.e., Mr. Handsome who is supposed to be instantly attractive, when some of them have younger sisters who are already married with children.

The Yetzer Hara isn't worried about goyim who will quite often get pregnant from having a love affair. The Yetzer Hara does some work on non observant Jewish women who have high paying careers instead of starting Jewish families. But the Yetzer Hara's biggest war is with the frum community, because frum Jews have the most children, and the YH knows that as soon as the Neshamos from the storehouse is depleted, the redemption comes as our Rabbis tell us, and the YH's job and existance will be over. While these so called frum women may not be obligated by the Torah to get married and have children like men are, they waste valuable time and money of the men who are serious about getting married, the latter who could have spent the same time and money in sources where they could have gotten better results leading to getting married sooner, besides the shtick of so many of these women who lie and make up all kinds of excuses before or after meeting with their dates, which is also the Aveira of Midvar Sheker Tirchak - "Thou shalt stay far away from falsehood". This is not so surprising, because Hollywood movies represent the ultimate level of Sheker, playing on the psychic of countless people, which also affects their love relationships and marriages.


Anonymous said...

Simple and plain: Don't waste your time with them at all.If they do not want to marry soon,go for another.Also remember that a lot of frum men look for Miss Beauty and even better with lots of money(from her family) so they can not have the responsability to support one.

shimonmatisyahu said...

My response to Anonymous, Boruch Hashem, I am now married. Most of the women with these problems are the ones in their 30s who have never married. Unfortunately these days, even many divorced women with children who are in their 30s have become a little too smart the second time around, and contrary to logic where they should be begging on their knees for a guy without children, it's not quite that way today.

Anonymous said...

"Matches are as difficult for G-d as was the parting of the Red Sea".HE has been good to us but we may not be good to ourselves.This is the ultimate truth.Neither men nor women should be begging to marry even if they are divorced or single over 30's.They should work on their maturity cos while they grow up they follow the sefirotic pattern for growth drawing to themselves their intended soulmates without too much difficulty indeed.The Holy Zohar teaches that no female soul or male soul is a complete human soul without the other.Male and female are two halves of the same whole.When women do their proper role here on earth, they are assisting in the realignment of the sefirotic patterns of the supernal "faces".If they act with some precaution not "begging" to marry any who comes up, we can not judge or say anything cos they are preventing a second mistake and they are protecting her children of her previous marriage.If they do that as an act of arrogance,forgive her cos G-d is so good that your soulmate will come to you even through "Ibbur".Also remember that "a wife is selected for a man according to his actions".B'H, dear Shimon, HE was merciful with you and you were blessed!NNNNM!:)